Thursday 12 June 2014


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, and the blogging home of Argrestes Consulting Limited.  Whether you got here through Blogger, the links through Facebook or Linkedin, or through the Ideas page on the website: Welcome.  I hope over time you’ll keep coming back and that you'll find ideas that pique your curiosity, provoke some different thinking and that are useful to you.  The plan is for new thinking to arrive here every Wednesday, in between 48 to 50 weeks a year.  There may be the odd special post, and even the odd guest.

There are a few things I want to briefly write about today to kick things off.  The first is to mention Argrestes' practice areas, second is what I mean when I say "creativity + discipline = results" and the last are the beliefs, principles and values that I’m building Argrestes on.  A lot for one post maybe, but as my title says, these are the beginnings.

My four practice areas, or three and a half depending on how you view one of this list, are Knowledge Management, Information Management, Strategy and Innovation.  I begin work in all of these from the same premise: helping individuals and organizations leverage their knowledge and resources to help them achieve the success they want.  I’ll be talking more about different facets of each one of these pieces in the coming weeks.

'Creativity + Discipline = Results' is a distillation of my own way of working that’s grown out of making theatre and my MBA studies, and from an insight from Jim Collin’s book Good to Great.  All great things start with the seed of an idea that is the answer to a question.  This process is regardless of wether or not the question is a business question or a question about the human condition.  Once the idea has formed, it requires discipline to do the work to bring the idea to life, either as a product, a work of art or a new process or procedure.  In order to get results both the flash of brilliance and the willingness to do the work and see it through to the end are necessary.  

Lastly,  I want to give you my list of beliefs, values and principles.  I stand on and I stand by these.  They govern how I do the work, and also form a part of why. They are:

1.  I believe people can make great things.  I believe people making together can make significantly greater things.

2.   I believe change starts with the first question.

3.   I believe people are an organization’s greatest strength.

4.   Opportunities lie at the intersection of wants and needs.  It is my job to listen to my clients’ wants, identify what is needed and demonstrate the opportunities for transformation that lie in the conversation between the two.

5.    I believe long term goals govern and reveal short term steps and outcomes.

6.    Creative thinking coupled with the discipline to execute, persevere and follow through makes for transformative and lasting results.

I look forward to working with you in future.  See you in a week!

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